How to cheat in the poker room and whether it is worth it

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Every activity associated with the possibility of making a profit attracts different bad people who want to use unfair ways to increase it. Deceiving in poker is a phenomenon as old as the game itself.

In online poker, there is no possibility to hide a card in a sleeve, but it does not stop to try to deceive someone different players. Cheating-minded individuals always attempt to deceive the poker rooms and other players by inventing various schemes because these actions bring them money. However, modern technologies do not allow online deceivers to feel free and realize their unclean ideas in an easy way.


One of the most common ways to cheat a poker room is to create multiple accounts in the same online room.

Players use different email boxes, documents, IP-addresses, trying to get additional benefits, prohibited by the rules of all rooms without exception.

There may be several reasons for such actions, but the ultimate goal is one: to make a profit. Most often, multi-account scammers resort to receive bonuses for registration or even the first deposit replenishment. By registering several accounts, the player each time receives bonus money that is intended only for new customers who have not previously played in the poker room.

Another reason why these players do these actions is a desire to outplay opponents when they statistics. Typically, experienced players who try to hide their level of the game, appearing in front of their opponents as an inexperienced novice, resort to these methods.

Whatever the reasons for cheating about the of one of the main requirements of online poker rooms about having only one account, usually they are quickly identified by the security service. In this case, all their accounts get blocked and they lose their money.

Modern software allows employees of the poker room to identify fraudsters really quick. Usually the penalty for this kind of “crime” is a permanent ban on using their website. So, I do not recommend you to chit when you play poker at all.