How to explain to family that poker is also a job?

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     Poker has become so popular that it has already gone beyond the community of players and has spread to all sectors of society. But most of the poker game is not considered a noble and serious occupation.
    Some close players — friends, brothers, or a father — who was also fond of playing poker in his youth — can share their views on the game. But the rest of the player’s environment does not treat poker as something serious, and even more so as a source of stable income. To convince them of the opposite will be a very difficult task, but you can find those threads of conversation that will help to change the views of your loved ones on the game.

Do I need to start talking about poker with my relatives?

      To answer this question, you must first find out for yourself whether you are seriously passionate about poker and whether it is important for your relatives to know.
     If you spend a couple of hours a day playing and playing at low limits, then this is not a professional approach, but just your passion. In such conditions, and no conversation should not start. First think about whether poker brings you a steady income that you have enough for a living. If so, then you can think about a conversation with relatives.

Preparing to talk and waiting on him

     Each person has his own temperament and reaction, so it is important to prepare. You should not immediately try to convince you that poker is a game of skill. Such an argument implies a complete superiority of the skill and skills, but we know that chance and luck also play a role in the game.
    Give specific factors and rational arguments. Explain the significance of strategy, bankroll management, distance and the fact that with a long-term approach, the game brings revenue.
    It may happen that after all the arguments you still do not get approval from your relatives. But surely for everyone the most important thing is the opinion of his second half. Everyone wants to be sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend is sharing your endeavors.
    Try to weigh the pros and cons together and explain that approval from your loved one is very important to you.

Moment of conversation

     And the conversation started. After the phrase “poker is work,” a squall of criticism can come down with arguments about gambling and losing life.
    You will have to answer and answer correctly and clearly. Explain your serious approach to poker.
    You will be told that this is a very risky occupation. Yes, there are risks, but they are in many areas. Explain that the risks can be minimized by the correct approach to the game and no one cancels the variance.