How to play poker more and more

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Where to get the motivation for the game?

    A huge number of players (especially beginners) do not have or do not find enough motivation to regularly play and earn. The reasons for this can be a lot of them and solutions. Consider only the most common.
    Among the leading reasons can be called attitude to the game only as a way to make money and nothing else. This way of motivation will not be able to keep you active in the game for a long time. We must try to set ourselves higher goals.
    The next reason is the absence of those very high goals and ambitions that need to be set before you. If you have a long-term goal in the game, the daily interest is provided.
    Players note that they are often bored to play. The game becomes monotonous for you, but it is in your power to change the attitude to the game. Interest in the game can add concentration on a specific goal, the use of a new strategy, finding faces in your game and much more.
    A protracted downstrip also leads to a decline in the interest and quality of the game. This already relates to a psychological problem, the solution of which can be found in Jared Tendler’s published materials.
    The following method of motivation, which is recommended to apply, is the attitude to sessions as a test playground. The idea is to apply the new knowledge gained during training in a real game, as if testing and testing them in practice.

How to find the motivation to learn poker?

     It is not always interesting for everyone to learn something new. Poker training can be made more interesting if you try to change the method. From the traditional it’s: watching videos, learning the spectra, analyzing hands.
     You can offer to find a like-minded person for joint training. Agree that the advice of the same interested person will be very constructive and useful.
    Low motivation to learn can be hidden in the realization that it will be necessary to spend every day on this matter up to 3 hours. It is not necessary at all. Let it be at the beginning 15 minutes a day. Also with the analysis of hands. You can start with five or six a day. It’s like with the loads during the start of training, you need to increase them gradually.